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  • Tony Hooman
    General Manager

    I have been in this industry for 32 years, nearly 21 years with Pack Auto Group. Away from the dealership I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife of 28 years "Michelle" and my beautiful daughter "Ariana" and we love our gatherings with dear friends. We love to travel to all different parts of this beautiful country during our vacation. My number one goal at Five Star Subaru is Customer Satisfaction along with Employee Satisfaction and stay true to our Core Values, Vision and Mission Statement.  

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  • LeAnne Dickson

    LeAnne is the main comptroller for the Sam Pack Auto group for many years. She loves spending time traveling and being with her beautiful family.

  • David Cheney
    General Sales Manager

    I grew up in the Seattle area and moved to Texas in 1996.  Have been married 18 years to my beautiful wife, Ellina, have three great kids and three wonderful grand kids.  I enjoy working on my home, always remodeling something, have fun water skiing and love spending time going on long walks with my wife.

    I started in this industry in 2002 after 23 years with Boeing.  When I started I wanted to really make a difference in the perception people have about this business.  I have found that there are really a lot of very good people in this business, but the overall public perception still hasn't changed much.  I know that I can help change that perception one customer at a time.

    I have worked for a few automotive organizations in the last 18 years and started my career with the Sam Pack Auto Group a little over four years ago when I helped open Five Star Subaru in Grapevine.  I truly believe I have found a great match with the Sam Pack team which really aligns with my beliefs on how customers should always be treated.  No matter what manager I talk to from any of the Sam Pack dealerships, when it comes to taking care of the customers, it's never a question - just do it.  That feels pretty good.

  • Debbie Warren
    Office Manager

    Debbie is the Accounting manager and has been in automotive industry 20 plus years and loves spending time baking and with family. 

  • Anthony Lombardo
    Finance Director

    Anthony has been in Finance for over 17 years and recently joined us as our Finance Director. He and his loving wife and 2 kids enjoy doing outdoors activities together.He has been an auto enthusiast all of his life!!

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  • Marcus Procter
    Service Manager

    Marcus fell in love with cars 18 years ago. He loves spending time camping and going to concerts.

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  • Kale Engelhardt
    Parts Manager

    Kale is a Texas native and is a hunter and fisherman in his spare time. He has been in the automotive business for over 11 years and his specialty is parts. He is our Parts Manager and we are thrilled to have his professionalism at our store.

  • Dustin Cox
    Internet Director

    I've lived in the DFW area since 1987 and enjoy the Cowboys and Rangers to fill my free time. Also, a proud Aggie dad for the last 5 years. I'll always work hard for you, my VIP guests, to have a fun and easy transaction. Your visit should be a happy and special day getting your vehicle!  

  • Jeff Davis
    New Car Manager

    Jeff has been in the automotive business for over 30 years now and is a good ole Texas guy who likes hunting, fishing and golfing.

  • Doug Laymon
    New Car Manager

    Doug has been in the automotive industry for 20 years and the past 7 years with Subaru. He has three beautiful children with his wife Elizabeth. When he has time to break away, they enjoy watching their kids play sports and checking out the latest movies.

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  • Steve Lennon
    Used Car Manager

    Steve loves selling cars and making friends and is a proud new papa of a new puppy named Charlee.

  • Scott Mirbahaeddin
    Used Car Manager

    I have been in this business since 1984 and prior to the Sam Pack auto group I worked at Westway Ford and Subaru, Prestige Ford and Skyline Ford and I have been with Sam Pack organization 16 years, I have 3 daughters and one 2 years old grandson. Our motto as always here at Five Star Subaru is to love and care for our customer and taking care of business.  

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  • Preslie Reynolds
    Assistant Office Manager

    Preslie has been with the Pack Auto Group for years, she comes to us with lots of accounting experience.

  • Taylor Ates
    Assistant Internet Manager

    Taylor Ates is Texas born and raised and she loves spending time with her family and being outdoors. She is a proud owner of two boxers named Taz and T. J. Come in to see her today about a new Subaru.

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  • Jon Zablosky
    Service Drive Manager

    Jon has been in the automotive industry for over 35 years and he loves working on cars in his spare time and enjoying the great outdoors with his wife and two daughters.

  • Brian Swarvar
    Internal Service

    Born and raised a Texan class of 76, Brian has been automotive industry for 20 plus years.

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  • Brandon Fraikes
    Finance Manager

    Brandon is a finance manager on our team here at Five Star Subaru and he brings us over 17 years in the automotive industry.

    He is a proud dad of three beautiful children. In his spare time, he loves riding Harley's with his wife.

    He has spent half his life in Illinois and the other half in Texas.

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  • Kareem Kusez
    Finance Manager

    Kareem is in our Finance Department and has been in Automotive industry for 8 years. He is an animal lover he has 2 dogs and 2 cats. He encourages you to show him pictures of your animals.

  • Kenny Wilder
    Finance Manager

  • Kenny Gaines
    Sales Porter

  • Tobias Awoniyi
    Internet Sales Professional

    Tobias comes to us from Subaru in California and he brings us 3 years of experience.

    He is a proud owner of an Outback touring and he loves to drive around with his family and friends in his new outback and read for fun.

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  • Ryan Bayles
    Internet Sales Professional

    Ryan is in the Texas pee-wee hall of fame for football. He plays basketball with Dez Bryant on Sundays and is a licensed irrigation specialist. He is also a lifeguard.

  • Azrael Cavazos
    Internet Sales Professional

  • Darrell Cooper
    Internet Sales Professional

    Darrell (Coop) has been in the automotive industry for 24 years and loves to go two-stepping and cooking for family and friends.  He is always on the lake boating.  He was born in Chicago and has been in Texas since 1983.  He has one son and three darling grandsons and says he was always taught to treat others the way you expect someone to treat your mother.  

  • Spencer Fuller
    Sales Professional

    Spencer loves putting smiles on peoples faces. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and softball and golfing.  He just recently became a proud parent of a puppy named Daisy.

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  • Mitchell Hunter
    Internet Sales Professional

    Mitchell Hunter has been passionate about cars for over 10 years now but his number one passion is his hyper blue Subaru BRZ that he loves to race.  Along with racing his other passion is taking automotive pictures. He brings his Subaru enthusiasm to our internet team!

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  • Stephen Kroes
    Internet Sales Professional

     Stephen and his lovely wife Breanna have been in Texas for a few years and they love all things Subaru. Stephen has a gift of making all his customers feel like they have known him for years!!

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  • Rio Manalo
    Internet Sales Professional

  • Jeremy Matthews
    Internet Sales Professional

    Jeremy is a semi professional Badminton champion and in 2017 he was the PBA runner up in his class. On the weekends he volunteers with his Church group.

  • John Mosqueda
    Internet Sales Professional

    I was born and raised in Fort Worth. In October of 1993 I left Fort Worth because I joined the Marines. My family and I love to travel on cruises, especially my mom. She loves the shows and shopping. I love the fresh ocean air. I graduated from UTA, while working full time and with great support from wife and daughter. My wife is an artist and we enjoy going to the exhibits at the FW Modern Museum and the Kimble Art Museum. My Daughter and I enjoy going Top Golf and to my dad's ranch to skeet shoot. I joined Five Star Subaru in February 2017 however I have been selling Subaru for 3 years now. Many of my old customers and I keep in touch. I have a 2015 Subaru Impreza. My mom has a 2016 Crosstrek and loves it! My daughter has an '07 Subaru Impreza that she modifying. My dad has bought 2 trucks from me. Other family members, neighbors, high school friends and even my high school librarian have put their trust in me to help them find a vehicle.          

  • Deundrey Pryor
    Internet Sales Professional

  • Jordan Reddish
    Internet Sales Professional

  • Bobby Bauer
    Sales Professional

  • BB Belharrat
    Sales Professional

    BB has been a automotive professional for over 23 years. His true passion is playing any kind of string instrument. He says he loves nothing more than give excellent customer service.

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  • Ron Berman
    Sales Professional

    Ron has never met a stranger and he has been in the Automotive Industry all of his life. He brings a lovely smile each and every day. He loves Golfing and spending time with his family and friends.

  • Nicholas Eyster
    Sales Professional

    My wife and I love Subaru and especially our Subaru Crosstrek. He is a proud  father of a beautiful baby girl and a huge Denver Broncos fan!!!!

  • Luis Hernandez
    Sales Professional

    Luis likes to be called,"Junior" and he is recently engaged he and his fiance like spontaneous road trips in his WRX and he will gladly help you with all your Subaru questions!!

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  • James Inim
    Sales Professional

    James likes to be called "Chief" and has been in professional sales and business developments for over 25 years in various industries. Away from work, he enjoys traveling, motivational speaking engagements and community services.

  • William Klozik
    Sales Professional

    Bill had an early career as Sports Writer, News Reporter and Editor and Photo Journalist. Grew up in Tyler and married once for long time. Owned/operated quality auto repair shop for 19 years. Subaru sales for 8 years. Avid bowler (183 average), occasional golfer and love my Subaru Legacy.

  • Frank Lara
    Sales Professional

  • Cameron Munns
    Sales Professional

    Cameron has been here for over two years and he loves golfing and puppy dogs. He enjoys hiking and all things nature related. He drives an Outback and is a Subaru enthusiast. 

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  • Sam Rezaei
    Internet Sales Professional

    Sam speaks Farsi fluently. He likes helping people and making sure his customers have the best possible buying experience.

  • Frankie Saif
    Sales Professional

    Frankie has acquired through one year of working for Subaru a strong passion for making his customers his friends. He says when you love people and you love Subaru's every day is a great day.

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  • Ron Yon
    Sales Professional

  • Ada Conklin
    Used Car Title Clerk

    I have been in the Automotive business for over 10 years. I am a Japanese car enthusiast with a need for speed who enjoys going to car shows, taking road trips and traveling with family.  Being a part of the Subaru family has truly been a Blessing!!

  • Sassy Ellis
    New Vehicle Billing/Titles

    If  you want have a good time go estate/garage sale shopping with Sassy. She loves random road trips in her Subaru and hanging with her family. Her true passion is she is an animal enthusiast.

  • Shantai Isom
    Customer Relations

    Shantai brings us 20 plus years in Automotive Customer Service care. Her main goal each day is to bring you an extraordinary experience from our dealership. She is a proud grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren.

  • Jessica Maranchello
    Customer Relations

  • Liza Maynez

  • Shelley McCutchen

  • Mia Phy

    Mia loves going to concerts and listening to music with her husband. She is born and raised Texan. Her specialty is gluten-free baking!!

  • Josey Romero

    Josey loves spending time with her pet hamster and pet tarantula. She is a full time musician and singer in her spare time and brings us many years of automotive experience.

  • Katherine Stompanato

  • Mark Prater
    Warranty Administrater

    Mark has been in the automotive industry for over 41 years he is a proud to be an Aggie fan and has 4 precious pups and loves to be with his family.

  • Hunter Barbosa
    Service Valet

  • Kobe Courage
    Service Valet

  • Anthony Pipkin
    Service Valet

  • Samuel Webb
    Service Valet

  • Dyson Ellis
    Service Advisor

  • Trina McLean
    Quick Service Advisor

    My name is Katrina McLean and I've worked for Five Star Subaru of Grapevine since the first of July, 2018. I love my dog like she is my child and when I'm not working or spending time with her, I like to hike, snowboard, paddleboard, cook, ballroom dance and just be outside. Previously, I worked in outdoor sports and medical environments and spent my days helping people to move towards their dreams and adventures. Now I get to do that by helping the Subaru customers and through our Subaru Love Promise.

    "Let us go on and take the adventures that shall fall to us."-C.S. Lewis

  • Mike Ohanesian
    Service Advisor

    Mike was born and raised in the automotive business. He was born and raised from California and has been in Texas for a year now. He has been with Subaru for over 5 years and won top 10 service writers for best customer experience we are so happy to have him here!!!

  • Johnnie Taylor
    Service Advisor

    Johnnie's first job out of high school was in the car business and he enjoys helping people and learning about cars every day!!

    Johnnie's reviews

  • Sean Roberts
    Service Advisor

  • Damon English
    Master Service Technician

    Damon is ASE certified and our Subaru Master Tech. He has been in automotive industry for over 7 years and in his spare time he likes to work on his cars that he uses for drifting.

  • Tyler Jordan
    Master Service Technician

    ASE certified tech and Subaru Certified 12 years as an automotive technician. He is a wealth of knowledge on all vehicles. 

  • Elisha Williams
    Master Service Technician

    Elisha has been a Master Technician for over 29 years. He has a very calm and high level of integrity that he brings to our team. For fun he loves to travel on his Harley and spend time with his family. We are honored to have him on board.

  • D'Mitri Manivanh

    Graduated from UTI and is currently a service tech here at Five Star Subaru.  He loves working on Subarus and enjoys riding his motorcycle. He is born and raised a Texan.

  • Danny Chea

  • Dustin English
    Service Technician

    3 years Subaru Certified Dustin has a can do attitude. He loves hanging with friends and working on his cars. He likes to "drift"his cars on the weekends.

  • Sabin Sharon
    Master Service Technician

    Sabin, a Master technician for over 7 years, brings all that talent here to Five Star Subaru. He loves racing cars for a hobby and spending time with puppy dog named, "Frankie"

  • Alejandro Lopez
    Quick Service Technician

    Alejandro is a quick service lube tech and is attending Brookhaven College majoring in the Automotive Industry.

    He was born in Mexico and has called Texas his home for the last 17years!!

    He always has a smile and loves to work on your Subaru!!

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Quick Service Technician

    Vincent is attending Brookhaven college to become a main line mechanic. He is part of our quick lube service team and of course he drives a Subi WRX model. He loves Subaru so much that is why he picked our dealership.

  • Mike Meyers
    Service Technician

    5 years experience as a Certified Tech he likes working on cars and hanging with friends

  • Ivan Sandoval
    Quick Service Technician

    UTI graduate Ivan grew up in Texas and he loves working for Subaru!!!

  • John Ellis
    Parts Counter

    John has been in automotive industry for 18 years and he is our newest addition in the parts department.

    He has two beautiful children a 1 year old and a 2 year old. He also has 7 dogs which leaves him no spare time!!!

  • Darren McCord
    Parts Counter

    Darren loves to Karoke with his family and friends on weekends and is a proud father of a Navy Veteran. He has been married for 27 years and he and his wife love spending time with their 3 dachshunds. 

  • Cedric Brown
    Parts Driver

  • Nick Watson
    Parts Driver

    Nick likes helping others by volunteering in his community and hanging with friends and family on the weekends. 

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Tint Installer

    Carlos has been tinting windows for over 8 years and he his an expert to his craft. We are so delighted to have him on our team, he is reliable, and very talented.